PulpitAI… Here’s My Experiment for August 9, 2023 A Bible Text To The Tune of “Rock of Ages”

Chuck Huckaby
3 min readAug 9


In my last article, I wanted to help Pastors… or anyone really …learn a simple way to get to know both the possibilities, but mostly the LIMITS of AI. Frankly I want people to develop a HEALTHY SUSPICION of its output.

The best way to do that is to see on a daily basis how AI works WELL and how it fails pretty routinely!

Rock of Ages

I mentioned that I’m a beta tester for PultpitAI and that I intend to write a lengthy review when my testing is done.

I should have been making entries all last week, but I didn’t. So I’m starting back now…

Yesterday I asked Pulpit AI to come up with a rap song based on my sermon from last week… you can see the output here.

The chances of my congregation or yours actually SINGING a rap song based on a scripture text are probably pretty slim so bascially I considered it a waste of time.

But what might NOT be a waste of time was seeing if PulpitAI could turn a scripture text into a singable hymn.

So I went to the prompt and typed:

“Based on 1 Corinthians 10:1–22 write a 4 verse hymn to the tune of ‘Rock of Ages’”

It took a few minutes but here’s what came back…

Verse 1:

In Corinthians ten, we see the call,

To worship God, surrender all.

Flee from idols, guard your soul,

In Christ alone, we are made whole.


Rock of Ages, firm and true,

In Communion, we find You.

Bread and wine, Your body shared,

In Your sacrifice, we are spared.

Verse 2:

Evil cravings we must flee,

In worship, Lord, we find our glee.

Communion’s power, let us taste,

In Your love, we find no waste.


Rock of Ages, strong and kind,

In Your word, true peace we find.

Through faith, healing we receive,

In Your promise, we believe.

Verse 3:

Avoid temptation’s deadly snare,

In Jesus’ name, our sins laid bare.

In Communion, find our part,

God’s faithfulness, heals the heart.


Rock of Ages, ever near,

In our struggles, bring us cheer.

Jesus’ healing, ours to claim,

In Your presence, lose our shame.

Verse 4:

In spiritual wellness we reside,

From evil desires, we must hide.

Through Jesus’ words, we find our way,

In His grace, we’re led each day.


Rock of Ages, our defense,

In Your power, life commences.

Communion’s gift, we do partake,

In Your love, we awake.

Personally, I don’t think it’s ready to sing in church. But it’s pretty good for a first try …

So here’s what you COULD DO if you really wanted to sing a song like this in worship…

  1. Edit the output manually to your liking.
  2. OR… Submit the request again and see what pops out.
  3. OR…produce several versions and then mix, match, and edit them to your liking.
  4. Then…SING AWAY

(Remember to save every iteration because it’s likely any AI program WON’T produce the same thing again… )

There’s more to come on PulpitAI. Check this space for updates!



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